Perth Wedding Photography

Perth Wedding Photography

111111-0520-artOK, you’ve seen some of our work (if you haven’t – go take a look), you’re curious about what we can do for you and; you want an idea on pricing. Your photographer though should not be chosen based on pricing alone (no matter what your budget is), your photography is the only thing you buy for your wedding day that you cannot actually see or touch beforehand and the only thing you have left at the end to look back on. You only get to see the images after your wedding, too late then to realise you did not choose wisely.

We have prepared some tips on ‘choosing your photographer’ – this information should get you better informed to make the decision that’s right for the two of you – but the most important thing we believe is TRUST. Meet with your prospective photographer, let them show you their artistry, get a sense of their passion and drive for what they do, how do they make you feel, – if you feel comfortable, if the photographer makes you smile, if they reassure you and explain to you how they will achieve beautiful images of you and your partner on your day, then and only then will you get the sense that you can trust them – THIS is the reason that photographer is right for the two of you.

We love what we do, and we should, we get to work with amazing people on the best day of their lives, we love capturing them and producing amazing art images, we are always honoured that people put their trust in us for their special day. We strive to create award winning images no matter where, when or what we are shooting.

Every couple we work with is unique so whilst we offer ‘wedding collections’, we do allow freedom for you to tailor your collection in a way that best suits you – on average a couple will spend between $3,895 to $8,500 for our services (including coverage, album(s), prints etc) – we’ve listed below all the basics we include with every wedding we cover. If you’d like more details on our pricing and services we offer let’s make a time to meet, have a chat, get to know each other a little – this, along with our pricing, will help you decide if we’re the right photographers for your wedding day.

For every wedding we include at least…

  • portrait shoot
  • meeting within 4 weeks of your wedding day to run through the itinerary
  • 2 photographers for your wedding day coverage from 8am (earlier if needed) to the beginning of the reception or until 10pm (later if needed) – including groom’s & bride’s preparation (if desired), ceremony, family/group photos, location shoots with bridal party and on to your reception
  • DVD with printable digital files of photos from your wedding day (each image corrected for colour and density)
  • wedding images web gallery – for 3 to 4 months
  • a collection of digital art images for FaceBook etc
  • album planning session

Here are some of the points included in our ‘choosing a photographer’ information – it gives you a little more insight into why we do what we do.

Why 2 photographers are better

We work amazingly well as a team, have complimentary skills and different strengths.  Having 2 photographers means that whilst one of us is setting up for a shot, the other can capture the special ‘candid’ moments in between, it also means that whilst one is paying attention to the image as a whole, the other will be paying attention to the detail.

We both have the same skills but prefer different things – Chris loves and heads up the photography while Anne heads up the digital artistry – this means we are constantly looking at things for different reasons – Chris is looking for an award winning image, Anne is looking for an award winning album design.

This is great for you in that two sets of eyes leave little to chance.  What most people don’t see is the detail and it’s details that make great images work, the way the light softly falls across your face and makes your eyes sparkle, or the glow of the sunset that forms the perfect romantic silhouette, or the bride’s hand lovingly cupped on the side of the groom’s face while they are in a loving embrace, or… you get what we mean, 2 creative people working together on a common goal will always give you a better result.

Pre-wedding shoot

We always include a pre-wedding shoot. For most couples this is the first time they have had professional photographs taken of them.  It’s a great way for you to see how we work and for us to help you alleviate some of the butterflies and fears you may have being in front of the camera. The images we capture here are presented to you in a meeting with us.  There is also the option of ordering these images for wall art, prints or to design a ‘guest signature book/album’ – a beautiful layout of your pre-wedding shoot images with space on each page for guests to write personal messages to you at the reception on your wedding day, it makes a beautiful keepsake.

Pre-wedding run through

We get together within 4 weeks of your wedding to run through the itinerary one last time and to check we have a list of any important family members and guests you want photos with.

111104-0595-artWedding day coverage

We can capture the groom’s preparations with his groomsmen and family, the bride’s preparations with her bridesmaids and family. We are there to capture images of the ceremony, if time permits we can do a little extra photo shoot inside the church of the two of you as a newly married couple. It is always popular to do a group photo of all your guests immediately after your ceremony as well as important family and friends. The bridal party photo shoot is where we have the most opportunity to be creative, we can go to as many locations as you desire – time permitting. We will have a little fun, get the creative juices flowing and capture some stolen intimate moments of you both.

The basic collection provides for us to attend at your reception for up to 30 mins, however most clients choose a collection that has us stay to 10pm and in some cases later.


Our wedding day web proofs are fully colour corrected images – we personally check and correct every image where necessary so you can see what you will get when you order prints with us. We often choose a couple of our favourite images of the day and do a little extra work to give you a taste of our beautiful art images. These are posted on our Blog and Facebook.

Album planning session

Planning your album, for us, begins even before your wedding day, we take note during our meetings what you like, we scout the locations for your wedding a week before, if we feel it necessary, then, on your wedding day, you will see us taking photographs, but we will be constructing the pages of your album in our mind.

Once your images are prepared we will go ahead and create an album design to show you, it is much easier for you to start with a design and make modifications if necessary as couples often find the task quite daunting if we simply present you with a blank canvas at the start of the album design process. Quite often we will see something in an image that you cannot until it is presented that way, for example we enhance colours on an autumn day, a plain background can be made to look quite dramatic with some texture and a dark vignette, we can change the mood of an image completely with beautiful black & white enhancements.

111112-0401-artThe photographic equipment we use

We shoot with all professional Canon cameras & lenses.  All the other gear we use is, like Canon, best of breed. This is not a Canon v Nikon, like Holden v Ford thing.  It’s about Professional v Prosumer or worse Professional v Amateur gear.  Whether your photographer uses Canon or Nikon is not important, what’s important is are they using professional equipment. An issue you face today is that there are a large number of amateur ‘photographers’ out there and in a lot of cases they are not only inexperienced, but they are shooting with poor quality equipment. Which does not give you the same quality of digital negative to make your art from.  At A&C Photography we shoot with up to date Professional grade camera equipment. We also we have a full kit each, which means that if one of our cameras fails for some reason we still have 3 more and two of each lens as well as other backup gear.

Value for money

Value for money (we’re sure you will agree) is very important. We have given you a brief outline of what we provide when we cover a wedding and we have told you that our couples will invest between $3795 to $8500 for our services.  That’s great, we hear you say, but there’s photographers out there doing wedding photography for $1500 to $2000 (or even less) that’s cheap so how is what we are offering value for money – you are right, there are cheaper services out there, but they’re not necessarily value for money – let us explain…

often cheaper photographers are working only part time as a photographer and probably with little experience – do you want to let them practice on you?

often cheaper photographers work with none professional gear – this means poorer quality files with less options to make great art.

it is just not economically viable to run a wedding photography business at cheaper rates – you might think, so what, that’s just too bad for the photographer – but sadly; in our industry, there are many who come and go and when they do there are always couples left with no photographer on their wedding day or the photographer has photographed the wedding day but is now out of business and the couple is left with no images

Even if these cheaper guys survive they cannot afford to put the time in to do a great job. Most put about 10 hours into your wedding day (take the photos, burn a disc and they’re done) so there is no time for art etc.  If you have paid $1500 for this type of service you are paying the photographer about $150 an hour.

We, on the other hand, (and our professional colleagues) invest 80 to 100 hours into each wedding we do, so if you’re purchasing a collection at say $6000 you are paying around $60 an hour (and remember you are getting an album and prints for your investment, not just photographs on a disc). Whilst you are paying for more hours and paying more money; the hourly rate is less than half so you are getting far better value for your money…

So come and meet us, we guarantee (whether you book us or not) you will not be wasting your time.

We know that we will be able to help you with probably one of the hardest decisions you have for your wedding – that of choosing who will photograph your wedding.

We are members of AAPP (Australian Accredited Professional Photographers) & WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International). We have shot hundereds of weddings, we know we have the knowledge and experience not only to do the photography for you, but to guide you through this decision.

Let us show you the light that we see and help make the decision a little easier, you never know your real benefit (other than a great chat and good cup of coffee) may be that you book us and have one less thing to worry about… go on, call (0413 99 99 16) or email Anne now.

You might like to check out the images in our wedding photography portfolios, there’s loads more beautiful photos to look through there, they may also be a source for great ideas for your wedding.
Engagement – Wedding Albums – Brides – Grooms – Ceremony – Bridal party – Reception

To see what beautiful comments we’ve received from our couples and their families & friends, have a look at our Raves and reviews.

Or, browse through our Facebook page.




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