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The local pool hall, normally the haunt of those looking for a friendly game of pool, a few drinks and catching up with friends became so much more when Emma first met Morris. Miss Q’s is now the very special place where Emma and Morris first met, first talked and over several games of Pool and Poker – fell in love. So much more then just a pool hall. So in honor of just how special a place this is, it was the location of our pre wedding photography with Emma and Morris. It certainly was a different location for us and it was all the more fun because of it. We had a great time photographing Emma and Morris over a game of pool, and getting to know this fun loving couple before the wedding in April, Emma even sharing with us some of the upcoming details and including showing me a picture of the dress. I wont ruin the surprise by describing it here – but I will tell you it’s going to be impressive!. A fantastic way to spend and afternoon and as icing on the cake we were all treated to one of the best sunsets I’ve seen in a while – and we’ve seen a few of them. Emma and Morris i hope you enjoy these photos, the sunset was just amazing and provided us with such beautiful lighting to capture your love. Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Every photo we capture is individually looked at and corrected for colour balance & density ready for printing.

This pre wedding photo gallery has 113 photos in 3 pages.  To navigate through the photos simply click on one of them, when it opens you can go to the next one by clicking on the right side of the photo and the previous by clicking on the left side. Note that the photo number is at the bottom eg (image # 130219-0001).

Emma and Morris pre wedding photography by wedding photographers Anne and Chris Percival - image # 130219-00017

Emma and Morris pre wedding photography by wedding photographers Anne and Chris Percival – image # 130219-00017


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How to place print orders

Please note that the images in the gallery above are corrected for colour balance & density. All images ordered for print will have extra enhancement and artwork before printing. PLEASE NOTE we choose the art and enhancement we do to an image to print. Requests for changes can be made but there may be a charges for the work.

The table below shows our wedding print pricing.

Orders placed by 14/05/2013 receive the ‘6 week’ discount pricing, these orders will be held until the expiration date, after which all orders will be processed together.

Orders placed after 14/05/2013 but before the 31/05/2013 will receive the ‘3 month’ discount pricing.

All orders placed after 31/05/2013 will be priced at our current print pricing – we will advise you by email of the pricing when we receive your order.

Please call for details.

To place an order, simply fill out the form below with the photo number (shown under the photo in the slideshow eg image # 130219-0001 ), size and quantity you would like. We will check your order and confirm by email with payment details. Orders take about 2 weeks to be printed.  If you need help ordering you can call Anne on 0413 99 99 16 or email her at

A&C Photography Wedding print orders - Std-3m-6w

  • To place a print first choose the photo you wish to order from the gallery above. Eg xxxxxx-0005. Then choose the size and type paper from the table below. Eg. Art paper 5x7.5 Then ad the Qty you wish to order. Eg 2 You order should look like this... xxxxxx-0005 / Art paper / 5x7.5 / 2, and repeat per image or size etc.
    Size in inches Std Pricing Orders in first 3mths  Orders in first 6wks
    Art - Paper
    4x6 / 5x7.5 Non Matted $39 $25 $15
     4x6 / 5x7.5 Matted print frame ready  $49  $29  $19
    8x10 / 8x12 Non Matted $95 $55 $29
     8x10 / 8x12 Matted print frame ready  $109 $61 $35
    11x14 / 10x15 Non Matted $149 $89 $59
    11x14 / 10x15 Matted print frame ready $169  $99  $69
    12x18 $195 $129 $95
    16x20 $369 $245  $179
    20x24 $459 $339 $249
    24x36 $649 $479 $359
    30x40 $749 $595 $439
    Art - Paper - Square
    12x12 $149 $89 $65
     20x20 $359  $265  $195
     30x30 $669  $495 $369
     40x40 $689  $549 $419
    Art - Paper - Panorama
     12x24 $295 $195 $139
     20x40 $669 $495 $369
     30x60 $1079 $895 $669
     40x80 $1195 $995 $739
    Fine Art - PaperFibre Base or Rag
     11x14 / 10x15 $279 $185 $129
     12x18 $289 $195 $139
     16x20 $369 $249 $179
     20x24 $499 $369 $279
     24x36 $869 $669 $519
     30x40 $1079 $895 $669
    Fine Art - Paper - SquareFibre Base or Rag
     12x12 $279 $185 $139
     20x20 $449 $329 $239
     30x30 $869 $695 $529
     40x40 $1049 $869 $649
    Fine Art - Paper - PanoramaFibre Base or Rag
     12x24 $459 $339 $249
     20x40 $749 $595 $449
     30x60 $1999 $1695 $1269
     40x80 $2699 $2295 $1695
    Fine Art - Canvas
     11x14 / 10x15 $299 $199 $149
     12x18 $359 $269 $199
     16x20 $539 $395 $289
     20x24 $539 $569 $419
     24x36 $699 $789  $589
     30x40 $949  $995 $735
     Fine Art - Canvas -Square
     12x12 $299  $199 $149
     20x20 $599  $449 $329
     30x30 $949  $789 $589
     38x38 $1449  $1195 $889
      Fine Art - Canvas - Panorama
     12x24 $539 $399 $299
     20x40 $1019  $849 $629
     30x60 $1799 $1495 $1119
     38x76 $2995 $2495 $1869

     E&OE - Pricing is subject to change without notice.


Don’t  forget to look at ALL their other photos…

Art photography click here

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